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Hugs: The Biohack You Didn’t Know You Needed More Of

As a generous hug giver I intuitively know that hugs are fucking awesome and have a full host of benefits. With that said, this blog post is actually quite important to me. In some sense, I feel like I have something to prove. Someone might ask how can the simple act of hugging be a biohack?

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The Benefits of Inversion Therapy for Back Pain & More

This post was originally just going to be about how useful I found Gravity Boots as a useful remedy for low back pain. Which they are, but I found that a lot of additional contexts was needed. So to begin, I need to explain why I found the need to use them in the first place. I’ll then discuss inversion therapy benefits, types of inversion therapy, and my own experience with the practice.

The Top 15 Best Subreddits for Biohackers to Follow in 2023

Reddit, commonly referred to as “the front page of the Internet”, is the world’s largest and most visited Internet forum site. With well over a million subreddits there is a dedicated forum for practically every niche. Here are the best subreddits to follow based on activity and quality of content and discussion of biohacking, human optimization, health sciences, and more!


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Hi, I’m Dave McCusker.

I am a man of many interests and passions. Always changing, ebbing, flowing, expanding. That said, If I had to boil it down to 3 core principles it would be optimization, integration, and alignment

I believe these are the core tenants of a fully actualized life. That is the life I’m choosing to create. A mission of mine is help others do the same. This website is an expression of that. It is a platform to share my knowledge, experiences, offerings, and more. I’m honored that you are here. We can co-create a better world!

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