The Top 15 Best Subreddits for Biohackers to Follow in 2023

Reddit, commonly referred to as “the front page of the Internet”, is the world’s largest and most visited Internet forum site. With well over a  million subreddits there is a dedicated forum for practically every niche.

There are some real gems for intelligent conversations around the topics and subtopics of biohacking between the various meme and political echo chamber boards.

 Here are the best subreddits to follow based on activity and quality of content and discussion of biohacking, human optimization, health sciences, and more! 

Listed in Alphabetical order:

1. r/BecomingTheIceman

This subreddit based on the teachings and work of Wim Hof is a place for sharing and discussion around cold therapy, Wim Hof breathing (tummo), mental toughness, and more!

For a basic intro to some of the benefits of cold therapy check, out my post Why Take Colder Showers? (Cold Shower Benefits)

Subscribers: 59,000+

Example Post: Hello r/BecomingTheIceman, I am the actual Iceman, Wim Hof. Ask Me Anything!

2. r/Biohackers

This subreddit is dedicated to all things biohacking! Expect more or less intelligent discussion around biohacking techniques, self-experimentation, supplement stacks, new biohacking technologies, scientific studies, and more!

If you lurk around here long enough, you’ll probably even find some comments and posts by yours truly.

Subscribers: 98,000+

Example Post: Basic supplements to boost cognitive performance

3. r/Fitness

A place for the pursuit of physical fitness goals. With over 8.2 million members r/fitness is one of the largest and most active subreddits out there. In addition to the regular feed of threads, this subreddit links to an excellent collection of wiki pages with tips and guides workout programs, exercise tutorials, diet advice, and more for the very beginner to the most advanced fitness enthusiasts.

If you are interested in upping your fitness game, this is the place for you. 

Subscribers: 11,000,000+

Example Post: (M21) My progress from underweight to healthy (115 lbs -> 148 lbs) in 16 months

4. r/getdisciplined

Get Disciplined! is a subreddit that deems itself as a place to help others attain self-discipline, by sharing what helps you. All the biohacking knowledge and gear in the world is useless if the discipline isn’t there to actually regularly partake in the practices. This is why I think this is an important subreddit to follow.

Posters here often share or inquire about systems-based approaches and methods to effectively get things done or overcome life’s obstacles. Not just quick motivation which is often fleeting. 

Subscribers: 1,500,000+

Example Post: [METHOD] Make it stupid easy, but do it every day. This approach saved my life and is finally changing my habits after years of failure.

5. r/intermittentfasting/

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is a way of eating that restricts when you eat, usually on a daily or weekly schedule which differentiates this subreddit from the extended fasting approach of r/fasting. Intermittent fasting has been shown to have many benefits to health, fitness, and mental clarity. This subreddit is a place to share success, support each other, ask questions, and learn about this practice.

This sub is very active but many of the posts are simply members sharing their progress pictures. Although these can be both inspiring and motivating they don’t provide a lot of useful information on the practice itself. For that, I suggest hopping over to the subreddit wiki section where you can find useful guides, FAQs, and a collection of scientific and anecdotal benefits of this style of fasting. If you are interested in extended fasts then r/fasting is another great resource. 

Subscribers: 885,000+

Example Post: INTERMITTENT FASTING – starting out guide

6. r/ketoscience/

This subreddit’s About section says it best:

r/KetoScience is dedicated to being the center for online discussion on the latest scientific discoveries in the broad and expanding role of the ketogenic diet in reversing chronic disease. We post RCTs, prospective cohorts, epidemiology, and case studies and discuss the pro’s and con’s of each. We discuss type 2 diabetes, gout, Alzheimer’s, mild cognitive impairment, obesity, epilepsy, mental illness, autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndrome, sugar, omega6 polyunsaturated seed oils, & more!

With lots of interesting scientific research and analysis coming out, this subreddit is definitely worth the follow. If keto is a lifestyle for you, you may also enjoy r/keto for more general Q&A threads or r/ketogains for fitness-related content.  

Subscribers: 546,000+

Example Post: Red meat is not associated with heart disease, cancer, or early death

7. r/longevity/

Dave Asprey touted as the “Father of Biohacking” famously said he wanted to live to the age of 180 years. This subreddit might be the best one to follow if you do too. Here you can find information about new longevity, healthspan, and rejuvenation news (research-related) and scientific research.

You will also find the latest research and methods on how to live to 100 and beyond or to just “live better longer”. This includes techniques such as biomedical rejuvenation through damage repair, such as through the manipulation of metabolism, caloric restriction, and fasting. You will also see articles on stem cell therapies, anti-cancer viruses, gene therapy, senolytics, and other new therapies that may be on the horizon.

Subscribers: 154,000+

Example Post: Gene discovery raises hopes of regenerative treatments for lost teeth

8. r/Meditation/

This subreddit is for sharing experiences, stories, and instructions relating to the practice of meditation. This subreddit is a great resource for both the beginner and advanced meditation practitioner and overall consists of a really great community.

Whether you are looking for info on meditation advice, scientific benefits, or motivation, this is the place to be. 

Subscribers: 1,700,000+

Example Post: I will share with you the secret trick to stopping inner monologue.

9. r/neuroscience

Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary science that combines physiology, anatomy, molecular biology, developmental biology, cytology, computer science, and computer modeling to study the emergent and fundamental properties of neurons and neural circuits within the nervous system.

This subreddit is dedicated to academic research and serious discussion of recent developments in neuroscience. Since the efficacy of many biohacks are proven via neuroscientific research, I find this subreddit a great source of cutting-edge information. For more casual discussion of neuroscience topics /r/neuro is another good subreddit to follow.

Subscribers: 136,000+

Example Post: The (neuro)science of getting and staying motivated: Neuroscientists have discovered that the degree of motivation and the stamina to keep it up depends on the ratio between the neurotransmitters glutamine and glutamate in the nucleus accumbens of the brain

10. r/Nootropics/

Nootropics and cognitive enhancers have always been a huge topic in the biohacking community. This subreddit is dedicated to all things nootropics and is a great resource for learning about and discussing all the various nootropics out there. This is a very active subreddit with lots of great content.

I also highly suggest checking out the wiki section as it includes a very comprehensive guide to pretty much every known nootropic with links to evidence of benefits and potential risks for each. For a subreddit entirely dedicated to Dave Asprey’s favorite nootropic, check out r/modafinil.

Subscribers: 367,000+

Example Post: The oral bioavailability of EVERY nootropic (84+)

11. r/nutrition/

r/Nutrition is a place for discussion on macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, diets, nutrition news, and more! In addition to lively discussions, this subreddit contains links to excellent resources, FAQs, and other wiki pages. 

Subscribers: 3,400,000+

Example Post: Tea contains three anti cancer molecules which work synergistically together. The anti cancer mechanism of each molecule is different and thus they complement each other.

12. r/Peptides/

This community is all about peptides! If you’re not familiar, peptides are short strings of amino acids, typically comprising 2–50 amino acids, which make up the building blocks of proteins.

Peptides may be easier for the body to absorb than proteins because they are smaller and more broken down than proteins. There is a lot of research and anecdotal reports coming out on how specific peptides can promote muscle growth, healing, anti-aging, and more. As such, peptides are really starting to make waves in the biohacking community.

If you’re interested in learning more about peptides, joining this community is a great place to start.

Subscribers: 55,000+

Example Post: Chronic Idiopathic Duodenal Ulcer and BPC-157

13. r/RationalPsychonaut

Recent research on psychedelics has shown some of the most remarkable developments in treating and curing mental health issues.  As such, Psychedelic research is becoming an increasingly hot topic in biohacking circles.

Beyond the mental health implications, the ability to “hack” consciousness itself could be considered the holy grail of biohacking. From my own experience with ketamine therapy, I can personally vouch for its efficacy as both a treatment for depression and a mind-expanding substance. 

Although there are a number of psychedelic-themed subreddits out there, I think this is the best to follow because of its science-based approach to the subject. This subreddit includes both posts on recent psychedelic studies as well as informative posts on subjective experiences. For a more academic-based community, check out r/PsychedelicStudies/.

Subscribers: 89,000+

Example Post: The entropic brain hypothesis (research from Imperial College London’s Centre for Psychedelic Research)

14. r/psychology/

If you are curious about how to understand and optimize your mental health then /r/psychology is a great community to follow.

Despite its massive following, this subreddit is well moderated and requires at least one peer-reviewed study as a citation for any new post submission. As such this subreddit is a great resource for high-quality information and discussion. 

Subscribers: 1,700,000+

Example Post: Why You Should Talk to Yourself in the Third Person. Decades of research now show that talking to yourself this way—also called “distanced self-talk”—can help foster psychological distance, a phenomenon that leads to better emotional regulation, self control, and even wisdom.

15. r/Supplements/

Last on this list, but certainly not least, is /r/supplements; a subreddit for the discussion of supplements and nutraceuticals.

Here you can find posts and discussions for just about any supplement out there. Whether they be for weight loss, cognitive enhancement, anxiety, longevity, sexual performance, you name it, as long as they are neither illegal nor illicit.

With an active community and a solid collection of very informative and detailed posts, this subreddit is definitely a valuable resource for any biohacker!

Subscribers: 292,000+

Example Post: I created a “Knowledge Map” summarizing the effects of various supplements & nootropics while recommending the ones with solid evidence for actually working


I hope you found this post informative and are able to find some quality information within these subreddits to further your biohacking and optimal living journey!

This was actually quite a difficult list to make with the available subreddits out there. Many of those that didn’t make this list were not quite active enough or were just too cluttered by low-quality content to be considered a “best” resource. With that said, I’ll be working on a part 2 post soon with some of the smaller and more niche subreddits I also follow that I still also find useful but didn’t quite make the first cut.

What resources do you follow to learn more about biohacking and biohacks? Has Reddit been one of them? Are there any additional subreddits you think should be included? Let me know in the comments below!

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