Whoop Strap 4.0 – The Best Fitness Tracker for Athletes

Although I was originally hesitant to purchase a Whoop strap because of the membership model I have found it invaluable in tracking my fitness output, sleep, and recovery. It has allowed me to make more informed decisions on my training regimen, manage my stress levels, and more. As a serious data geek, I’ve found that the Whoop offers the best data analysis and insights of any wearable on the market.

Key Specs:

  • Works with iOS and Android
  • 24/7 Heart Rate monitoring
  • Tracks HRV, skin temperature, blood oxygen saturation, resting heart rate, and respiratory rate
  • Automatic sleep tracking and sleep stage analysis
  • Can broadcast heart rate to third-party apps
  • 3 days battery life (and can be charged with removable attachment without removing device)
  • Provides daily, weekly, and monthly detailed analytics and reporting

If you click the “Shop Now” you will automatically receive your device and the first month free through my referral.


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